Mushmellow Variety 3 Pack

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Our gummies come in individually sealed bags each with 3 per package. For orders larger than our 3 x 3 packs, we combine the products into one slightly larger bag to reduce our carbon footprint.

All products made from superior extracts that eliminate all of the traits that are undesirable in its natural state.

No more bad taste, indigestion, cramping, uneven dosing, diarrhea or headaches. ALL gone!

Shipped discretely in unmarked packaging, 100% anonymously to protect your privacy.

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Each Mushmellow contains the active compound found in the plant’s natural state.

The “magic” portion of these plants has been studied for decades with exceptional results specifically for people suffering from mental health concerns.

– [X] PTSD

There are so many more uses therapeutically and governments worldwide are already investigating legalization!

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Dimensions 10 × 3 × 20 cm

Gelatin, Sugar, Psilocybin Extract.

1 review for Mushmellow Variety 3 Pack

  1. Alice

    I picked up some of these from a friend a while ago and they were AMAZING.

    Figured I’d try buying some online. Even though they only accept bitcoin right now, I was able to get an order put through using the Bitpay app on my iphone following the guide they provide. Really simple!

    The ones you buy from word of mouth have free shipping coupons in the bags too that I took advantage of. The ones I got from the website were higher quality too.

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