Depression Magic Mushrooms Cure

depression magic mushrooms cure

Depressive conditions are challenging to treat. That is because some types of depression are resistant to treatment. Also, most patients find themselves dealing with unwanted side effects that come with the existing therapies. Emotional blunting is a common side effect caused by most antidepressants. Thanks to magic mushrooms, people battling with depression can now get treatment without experiencing any side effects.

At Psiloscience, we use both scientific and natural methods to effectively treat patients struggling with depression. Our depression magic mushrooms cure is an effective treatment for mental health issues ranging from postpartum depression to anxiety disorders.  We provide our patients with natural medication vessels that are produced organically with natural non-GMO ingredients.

What are Magic Mushrooms?

Mushroom is a fungus that grows from a spore, mainly on decaying plant materials. Some varieties of mushrooms contain various nutrients and vitamins and are mostly used to add earthy and meaty flavors to foods. However, mushrooms such as magic mushrooms, shrooms, psilocybin, and psychedelic mushrooms are known for more than just the taste; they cause changes in perception, mood, and behavior.

Mushrooms belonging to the genus Psilocybe are the true magic mushrooms. Psilocybe mushrooms contain psychotropic, tryptamines, psilocin, and psilocybin, and they cause hallucinations. Magic mushrooms are cost-effective recreational psychotropic drugs since they are either found in the wild or grown inexpensively.

What is the Right Dosage for Magic Mushrooms?

The intensity and dosage of magic mushrooms are determined by species, where it was grown, and how it was handled. The psilocybin content of magic mushrooms deteriorates on drying, and therefore, you will need to ingest more to compensate. Magic mushrooms have varying effects on people.

Beginners should take at most one gram of dried magic mushroom and wait for at least half an hour to decide if they should add more based on the effect they experience. Magic mushrooms do not taste that good. That said, some people prefer to chew them while still fresh or dried. If you decide to chew the mushrooms, you can use fruits such as strawberries to neutralize the flavor. You can even make a smoothie if you dislike the taste and texture of the magic mushrooms. However, be sure not to overcook the mushrooms as they will have a weaker effect due to the breaking down of psilocybin.

Other Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

From managing alcohol addiction to treating depression, researchers say there are many potential benefits associated with magic mushrooms. Psilocybin treatment can be used in the following ways:

  • Treating Psychological Stress in Cancer Patients

Magic mushrooms can be used to treat overwhelming existential anxiety in people who have been diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer. Psilocybin doses help to improve the quality of life and reduce depression and anxiety in people struggling with the life-threatening disease.

  • Treating Smoking Cessation

Psilocybin therapies can help people abstain from smoking and abusing other substances such as cocaine and alcohol.

Where to Get Medical Magic Mushrooms

Use our microdosing liquid psilocybin to put an end to your mental health problems. At Psiloscience, you will get depression magic mushrooms cure affordably. For inquiries, email us at [email protected].

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Magic Mushrooms Cure Depression

Depression makes a person feel helpless, hopeless, alone, and isolated. But you are not. Various therapy and medication can be used to fight this debilitating disorder. Physical activities and lifestyle changes are effective natural depression treatments. However, for better and faster results, you have to combine your holistic and natural healing process with some time-tested scientific treatment. We will help you with that.

At Psiloscience, we strive to fight for those who are not strong enough to fight alone. Our goal is to assist individuals suffering from depression find a way to improved mental health. We are best known for our natural remedies such as magic mushrooms to treat depression. With the presence of psilocybin, which has been proved to relieve depression symptoms, it’s evident that our magic mushrooms cure depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health conditions.

 Additionally, we offer our patients natural medication like magic mushroom gummies. Our postpartum psilocybin depression treatment is effective for women of all ages. You can trust our microdose product; we derive it naturally from the source without using any synthetics, harsh chemicals, or solvents in production.

How is Depression Diagnosed?

There are various ways doctors diagnose patients with depression. Doctors usually determine if a person is depressed using the following:

  • A Physical Exam

In some cases, depression can be connected to an underlying physical health issue. A doctor will ask you various questions regarding your health, then conduct some physical tests.

  • Lab Tests

Depression mostly affects the functioning of the thyroid. That makes it vital for a doctor to check the state of your thyroid through a number of lab tests. A complete blood count test is also important.

  • Psychiatric Evaluation

To understand your mental health, a psychiatrist will ask you questions regarding your symptoms, feelings, thoughts, and behavior patterns.

What are the Common Types of Depression?

There are various kinds of depressive disorders. Depression symptoms range from relatively minor to severe. Depending on the range of the condition and specific symptoms, the following are some of the common types of depression:

  • Major Depression

People with major depression have low moods that make them find pleasure in unusual activities. Major depression symptoms are experienced most of the days and may last up to two weeks.

  • Melancholia

This is a severe type of depression, with most physical depressive symptoms present. The depressed mood makes melancholic individuals lose pleasure in almost everything.

Treatment for Depression

Those suffering from depression will require different forms of treatment depending on the severity of their condition. Treatment for the various types of depression include:

  • Mild Depression. This type of depression might improve by itself. Physical activities are important in minimizing the symptoms.
  • Moderate Depression. If your mild depression is not improving, it means it has graduated to moderate depression. At this level, you will need counseling.
  • Severe Depression. This type of depression will require medication. Anti-depressants are usually prescribed to help treat the symptoms.

Get Help for Depression

Let us help you in your battle with depression. At Psiloscience, our magic mushrooms cure depression. Try our psilocybin microdose to put an end to all your mental health issues. For more details, email us at [email protected]

Mushrooms Used For Depression

Psychedelics like psilocybin are still a puzzle for scientists studying their effect on the human brain. The little concluded research states that the active substances open pathways to the mind, allowing one to transmute negative emotion into positive lessons and emotions. Being able to stay grounded and connected to good feelings for an extended period will rewire the thought process. Patients dealing with depression will then find solutions to mental blockages that caused fear and a constricted view of life.

The history of mushrooms

The first recorded use of mushrooms was 3000 years ago in Mexico. The natives utilized it for various medicinal purposes and spiritual ascension. The herb caught the attention of Robert Wasson, an American scientist who propagated their use to increase relaxation. He published his firsthand findings on mushrooms in Life Magazine, detailing his experience in a native Mexican ritual.

Scientists bought into the popularization of mushrooms by Robert and set up extensive research in the 60s. They used it for real-life experiments and first-level psychotherapy sessions. The 90s saw a rapid boom in the scientific investigation of the drug. FDA does not quickly approve newfound medicines. Psilocybin recently gained approval for a clinical trial in 2019.

Can you trust the hype behind psilocybin?

Dr. Robin Carhart Harris recently told BBC that the psilocybin in mushrooms resets the brain and structures it for higher learning abilities. Psilocybin has a direct effect on amygdala, a part of the brain that processes fear and anxiety. The element also has a positive effect on the brain’s functional network, which stabilizes communications between various regions and functionalities of the brain.

Professor Mitul Mehta has a specialty at the King’s College London and developed an informed opinion regarding the working of psilocybin. He explains that the substance provides users with a safe and calm environment to make clear decisions for the long term. Psilocybin is a natural mind-altering drug that falls below in regards to any possible side effects. These include ecstasy, LSD, alcohol, cocaine, and cannabis.

Benefits of Mushrooms Used For Depression

Stimulates the growth of new brain cells

The University of Florida observed the brain activity of fear-conditioned mice when they had a healthy dosage of psilocybin. They concluded that mushrooms stimulate the growth of new brain cells and the regeneration of neurons in the affected areas of the brain. The mice formed a new habit that expanded their memory, learning abilities, and ability to replace old limitations with courage and enthusiasm.

Promotes brain functionality

Mushrooms smoothen communication between different parts of the brain. They counteract the causes of OCD, anxiety, and social rejection to, ultimately reducing possible development of depression.

Sustainable results

Mushrooms used for depression do not give any side effects when used in moderation. The healing power of psilocybin allows people to transform their persona on a deep anatomical level; hence, they can quickly adapt to a new life, void of the traumas that triggered tragic decision-making. Scientists speculate that healthy mind-altering stimulants like psilocybin are the key to increasing human survivability. 

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