Get Your Life Back with Natural Treatment for Depression

by in Depression, Mental Health June 8, 2019

Depression is one of the most common and serious mental health illnesses that affect millions of people all over the world. It has the power to completely rob you of any joy in your life and leave you a mess crippled with stress and anxiety. There are a lot of ways you can treat depression, and of them is through antidepressant medication. However, not everyone reacts well to medication, which can also have unpleasant side effects attached to them, such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Loss of sexual desire or stamina
  • Weight gain
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Suicidal thoughts

Natural Treatment for Depression

The good news is that prescription antidepressant drugs aren’t the only way you can treat depression, as there are a lot of natural alternatives out there. However, it’s important that you rely on these natural treatments for depression along with therapy to get your life back on track. So, let’s check out the best natural treatments for depression you should try:

1.   Exercising Regularly

One of the best natural treatments for depression is to exercise on a regular basis since it can improve your mood significantly. When you’re exercising, your body releases endorphins that interact with the brain to produce positive feelings. The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry published a study, where researchers found that exercise helped reduce depression significantly for individuals in the study. Apart from the positive mental boost, the gains in physical fitness and loss in fat resulted in increased confidence for individuals.

2.   Eating Healthy

It’s not a big secret to anyone that what you eat has a massive impact on your overall health. The food you consume also has an impact on your mood as well, and while there isn’t a magic diet that can help you beat depression, eating a well-balanced and healthy diet will improve your mood. Researchers have found that eating the Mediterranean diet, which focuses on vegetables, olive oil, legumes, fresh fruit, and whole grains has a positive effect on the gut flora, immune system, and brain plasticity. As a result, it was very effective in boosting mental health and has the potential to improve the mood of people.

3.   Psilocybin Therapy

There is still ongoing research on Psilocybin therapy for treating depression, but the early signs are good. It is considered as a safe natural treatment for depression and has a dramatic effect in reducing anxiety in individuals. Psilocybin is commonly found in magic mushrooms and is extremely effective in rewiring the brain, which helps an individual overcome depressive thoughts.

4.   Create a Routine

Another great natural treatment for depression is to create a routine for yourself to get out of your slump and move about. Depressed people have little interest in partaking in any activity, which is precisely what you can fight by establishing a routine for yourself. It’s important to start small since you don’t want to be overwhelmed by overloading yourself with tasks. When you have a clear routine for every day, you’ll slowly gain confidence and start creating bigger and more challenging goals for yourself.

5.   Get Out in the Sun

Researchers have found that a lack of sunlight can change the brain chemistry of a person and result in an individual experiencing depressive thoughts. So, getting some sun is a good natural treatment for depression, as sunlight improves serotonin levels and regulates the biological clock of the body. Spending time in nature is also proven to boost your mood and improve mental hea

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