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Our Story

The team here at Psiloscience.ca has been working tirelessly since spring 2017 to ensure we have the absolute best available product for you, our clients and our own families. People are truly seeing the fact that the governments of the world hinder scientific study and prohibit or make illegal, the use of natural products by us the citizens, given to us by mother nature, is fundamentally wrong.

We here at Psiloscience recognize the challenges of launching this website and social media campaign. However, we feel that it is morally imperative that people understand the science behind why Psilocybin and other extracts derived from the all natural mushroom can be extremely beneficial for people’s mental health.

The science is there, it’s proven and we understand it. We are here to bring it to you and furthermore, to the world. We can count thousands of scientific research studies, but we will not bore you with each and every one. What we will say, is that out of our team members, one of them was a long-term emergency services worker, that clearly has dealt with traumatizing events throughout their career and suffered tremendously. Bouncing doctor to doctor, medication to medication with little or no success, “Sometimes those damn medications make things worse” as they clearly stated. Nearly causing them to make a terrible decision one dark and tremendously terrifying evening alone, that nearly took him from his wife and children. When is enough………Simply enough?

They decided to utilize what mother nature has given us with micro-dose psilocybin treatments and his most severe symptoms all but disappeared within days! and within a short period of time is completely free of anti-depressants and has started to enjoy a functional life with dramatically reduced symptoms from PTSD and severe anxiety. His personal testimonial was enough to bring him on to our team to help us develop and market this product to the masses on a global scale.

We are not here to develop a product to be abused or used for ill-gotten purposes. The potential for healing and therapeutic uses for people suffering from a multitude of mental health issues, is nothing short of staggering. 

Mental illnesses such as;

  • PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)
  • Long-term treatment resistant depression
  • Severe anxiety
  • End of life anxiety (Easing end of life fears of the terminally ill)
  • Alcoholism and other addictions 
  • Pain relief
  • OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)
  • Studies have shown psilocybin to promote optimism

These scientific studies are being conducted by cutting edge scientists at many places, such as John Hopkins University, Imperial College and The Beckley Foundation (just to name a few). This research is readily available on your favorite search engine.

The positive factors are so large in fact, that we felt the overwhelming need to assist in any way possible. The pharmaceutical industry in relation to the cost of healthcare, specifically for mental illness is over $16 billion per year! Do you think big pharma really cares about any of us? Or just our bank accounts? If we are assisted by a natural product, how will they make any profit?

Studies have already been completed for decades showing that psilocybin micro-dosing can alleviate symptoms of most* mental health concerns within days or weeks. *Individual results will vary.

What would you rather do? Support large pharmaceutical companies that are only in existence to put a bandage on the problem? Or would you like to fix and repair your own health through natural products, studied scientifically that we have available here, now,  given to us by mother nature?

We believe that the answer is incredibly clear and we hope that you will also. The time has come to fight back against the corruption and greed of governments and corporations. Large pharmaceutical companies are only In business in order to maximize profits from an increasingly unhealthy population and big time investors demanding more returns on their “investment” into the health field.

Ultimately our end game is to play a part in the vision and movement that eventually leads to the legalization of medical psilocybin treatments on a global scale. Saving but one life will make all of this hard work worth every single moment. We share our love with you and wish you health and peace of mind, naturally.

Our Vision

Everyone should be free to choose the treatments they wish to use in order to better their health.

Our Mission

Fighting the good fight for those who no longer have the strength to fight alone.